(...and that was redundant.) Xmas is upon the household. Our faithful Mr. coffee continues to burble our morning bean sauce like a Ford 300 straight six; nothing special, just never ever quits. But after looking at the grind & brew style of makers, and rejecting the maintenance, does getting pretentious with a newer drip style maker make sense? I do want good coffee.


I’m referencing this article that seems to go about testing just right to find the best coffee maker. However, I’m not seeing it compare all their higher end equipment to a standard Mr. Coffee style “drip” maker as a baseline zero to see just how much better these wunderbrewers are over what the 90% actually uses in their kitchens. I can get over how they test because no matter how close they approach the snobbery gates of jamocha island, they are very much running a rather controlled experiment and in fact, I found their words to be a pleasing result of matter-of-fact: Do you want a good tasting cup of coffee or not? Let’s dig into past research and do more to get you one.

now this is a cool mug! If I ever spilled my shit around people who actually know what it’s supposed to be.

In short, it appears the keys to freakin’ good coffee really is a consistent grind particle size and how the water is poured. All I knew before was that in the early 70's, Mr. Coffee figured out a way to pour somewhat consistent 200 deg. water (what you want) on your filter of coffee and make it an automatic process. I guess these more money makers can pour water better for a $100 upcharge.

Right now, the best of the better than Mr.Coffee. 200 god damn dollars. (Thank god for BB&B’s 20% coupon)


Will I notice the difference? If I ground my own beans with a burr style/conical grinder (blade style is supposedly bad kung-fu and fucks it up) to get that consistent particle, would it be wasted on my Ford 300 brewer? How much nicer would going all in on nicer things get me to nicer coffee? Worth it? A leather Camry can easily check the boxes any Cadillac could. I’m no snob. I need not the cachet.

save all who wasted monies on this useless upgrade.


I can’t taste anything sharper than 6-year cheddar. Wine must have solid flavor, not be a sweet-ass kool-aid and be dry...I can very much tell dry. So I’m that driver that can be top 5 but never win. I can taste the difference between a good steak and a great steak but can’t tell you anything about what was used to cook it.

Anyone here reached out for a finer thing like this and just went back to acceptance of Mr. Coffee’s honesty? Sometimes it’s just easier to get along with an uncomplicated roommate that doesn’t take a half hour to take a shower, and accept his questionable taste.