I just got to thinking how different my car is now from when I got her. Arisu was a bone stock 1996 m edition with 83,xxx miles on her and bad rocker rust. She was in solid shape otherwise. Although she had no filter in the air box and a shitty replacement steel exhaust with a stainless steel tip welded on. The soft top was ripped and there had been a re paint on the passenger door without the factory rock guard for some reason.

I first got her back in April 2014... This picture was taken in July after rocker rust repair.

Fast forward to October 2018 and she has 125,xxx miles on her, but she has lost weight. Over 100lbs to date. I’ve accomplished this by replacing entire exhaust, removing soft top, spare, driver’s seat, steering wheel/air bag, arm rests, visors, etc. My original goal of keeping a factory looking car has strayed a bit but not completely lost. I plan on a few finishing touches such as custom wheel center caps to make the wheels look more conceivably oem.

After. Current state of things.

On to the interior...

My original factory interior. I kind of miss it like this... So clean, so pure.

My current interior has evolved in to what is in most part, because after installing the roll bar I realized my head would hit in a factory set up. Now that is no longer an issue and I fit in my car much better than before. Like a glove! That and the rigidity of the roll bar make it worth it.

Current Interior. Might black out those bolts on the door. Also should have spent a little more and gotten the black pearl shift knob... Dammit.

So there you have it. In summary: I have spent way too much on a car of which the value will not be positively affected by modification. Though it is becoming the realization of my ideal sports/fun road car. I do believe nice examples of NA Miatas (and NBs), especially limited editions will be going up in value due to the huge number of people trashing the majority of the good ones.

What about you, Oppo? Show me your before/afters!

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