Arisu Topless Life

Arisu and I have not had the typical convertible Miata life that many have come to associate with the little Roadsters. When I bought her, the factory soft top had a window that was ripped at the seams. I didn’t really care because I wasn’t buying a Miata for its convertibility. Even so I planned to have it fixed or replaced, but with all the other expenses adding up: I eventually ended up removing it all together. This saved about 40 lbs and probably is what sparked my obsession with lowering weight.

Having only a hardtop, I really don’t remove it often. With a soft top, you simply unlatch and pull back. With a hardtop, it’s a little more involved. It’s a bit like Netflix’s convenience to Blockbuster’s sense of occasion. First off you are going to want a second person to help. Then you’ll need a place to store it safely. Being that I live in an apartment this means a nice walk to it’s storage spot in the middle of my living room. It makes a great center piece. A welcome addition to anyone’s living room decor.


If you’re saying to yourself, “well that’s not so bad.” Think again. Picture yourself driving around without the top off in a place like western North Carolina with highly variable weather. The sky opens up and you are miles from home. Your car interior is going to take on some water damage and at best you are going to end up stranded under an overhang like a road tripping biker.

Recently though I’ve been getting the itch for the top down life. To my surprise the weather cooperated! I had Wednesday through Monday of sunshine and no rain (well almost no rain). So I took my top off and stored it away in its rightful place in my living room for 6 days! It was like a vacation in the same way a mustache is a vacation from yourself.


At night and while at work I put this car cover on and it did a great job. During the one brief rain we had if allowed zero water inside. People did ask me what was wrong with my car because the cover basically looks like a tarp thrown over in a jam. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as far as security goes though (in some ways at least).

The week reminded me how awesome top down life is. Everything is better with the top down. The sound of my exhaust is night and day better. The car is even lighter without the top. Visibility is amazing and the sky is everywhere. The sense of Jinba Ittai is never stronger. It was really really tough to bring myself to put the top back on, but after getting hit with a light rain on the way home from a lovely afternoon downtown, I knew the time had come.


It was an awesome week and while having easier accessibility to put the top down more often would be nice; it would become to normal and too easy. I like that it is a little bit of a hassle. The sense of occasion is what really makes it special. Its why people get stuck in a loop looking for something to watch on Netflix. We are searching for that occasion. We miss it in movie rental and in other aspects of our life. Here’s to keeping some of that occasion in our lives.

Cheers Oppo.


Miata weight savings tip of the day: Replace hard top side latches with fixed mounts. Save about 4lbs.


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