On Friday I mentioned we had an armada of Armadae in the shop for leather. As retired rentals, they smelled of feet and the detritus of fast food trips. Or maybe they smelled like the inside of a vacuum cleaner. Obviously this is due to the fact that they were used as people haulers for 40k miles in a year.

Illustration for article titled Armadae
Illustration for article titled Armadae

Now they smell like leather and the seats are much easier to deal with. Also quilted leather is so comfy to sit on. If it were me I would have thrown blue piping on the blue one and kept the gray one gray. I’m

Also, I was incorrect about their asking price. Both are now listed at $37,900. They’ll likely sell for about 36,500, which is still not bad for a very capable Nissan Patrol derivative with about 40k miles.

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