"Artificial" Exhaust

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One of the integral parts to enjoying a good sporty car is the sound of the pipes. The F-Type is a car that truly embraces it, to everyone's delight. However, there is always an ear mark stating that glorious sound is "doctored" or "artificial."


Most specifically, I'm referring to the off throttle and between shift pops and cackles. These aural delights are the result of a little too much fuel being injected while off throttle. That extra bit tends to make it out of the cylinders and ignite in the exhaust piping, producing music to every motorhead's ears.

It reminds us of a time before computers and microsecond-precision fuel injection. Back in the day, when your old carb would clear out its fuel saturated secondaries when you slapped the throttle closed, reminiscent of you clearing your throat to get your bearings after an antisocial helping of acceleration.


The souls have been stirring at a select few automotive OEMs. Engineers have orchestrated the chaos that existed before. Damn the wasted fuel, give me the sound. Whether it be accidental or intentional, I enjoy it fully without any caveats. After all, it's the same burning flame making all that noise.

It's not like they're playing engine sounds through the damn speakers or anything.


We're looking at you, BMW.

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