I'm sorry to say I'm disappointed in Doug's choice in buying a Skyline.

They're not particularly uncommon in Canada, and even less so in BC, and are one of the most "boring" looking of the crazy Asian sports cars of the 90s...

Just think of the possibilities, Doug "CarMaxWarranty" DeMuro trying to deal with the issues of a twin turbo RX-7?!?! Or he could have had the gorgeous curves of a Mark IV Supra or fifth gen Celica GT-4... or he could have gone all out and imported a Toyota Celica GT-R with AWD and four wheel steering!!! Lest I forget the dead brands, he could have had a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4.... :(

google images: netcarshow.com

I'm sorry Doug, and I'll be delighted to read about your shenanigans, but your choice of car is getting a resounding "meh, eh?" from this Canadian.