I have to sign an Arbitration Agreement & Class Action Waiver... Thank fuck I have a phone interview today because that is some straight up bullshit.

My favorite clause:

  1. Except as provided herein, arbitration shall be the sole, exclusive, and final remedy with respect to Covered Claims. Except as otherwise required by law, neither you nor <Redacted> will be permitted to pursue court action regarding any Covered Claim and both you and
    <Redacted> are waiving any right to a jury trial for any Covered Claim. This Agreement shall remain applicable even if you are no longer employed by <Redacted> at the time the procedures are utilized so long as the dispute is a Covered Claim.

Anyway, hope Oppo is having a good day. Have a set of what I think is some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken.


She was such a fucking Ham, I wish I could remember what they called her.

Edit: I’d be curious what our resident Labor Attorney @ImmoralMinority would think of these things. Purely academical of course, no actual legal advise assumed or implied.

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