I had a Trans Sport toy car, and I thought it was the coolest car ever.
Look at all that glass, it must be so full of light! -I said...

Then, our family friends bought the first gen Scenic when it came out.
It was AWESOME. Huge inside. So roomy, and you sit so high off the ground. And a badass facial expression, like it means business.
I wanted one.

Then, our neighbor bought a Scenic RX4.
It was huge to me, and it had cool matte black plastic and it was lifted and it had the cool wheel cover on the back, with a clever door hinge.
I wanted one.

Subsequently, I fell in love with the Kangoo.


I was then driven in a Multipla. It was a fantastic experience. Everything before it was a shoebox, this was HUUUUGEEEE inside. 3 front row seats. And everything was full of storage bins, shelves, cupholders and handles. It was awesome.
I wanted one.

I then took some time off with my minivan love affair.

A few years ago, however, I saw a Chevy Astro online. With white letters!
Look at it!!!


I wanted one.

I also came across some interesting VW's in my VW phase... Even though they are vans, not minivans. Still, worth mentioning.
I love this one.


But also, this one:

Aaaaand then I stumbled upon all the cool japanese new minivans, like the Odyssey or the Previa or whatever this thing is.


I also like these. (Pardon the stance)


Yep... I love the idea of a minivan.
It's a people mover. Not a bus. Just a comfy, spacious people mover.

Oh, and btw, when I'll have a family, I'll get one of these:


Right now, I think this is the PERFECT car.
In every possible way. Ever.
Engine, fuel economy, comfort, LOOKS, design, what it stands for, the badge, the value....
Perfect. (A bit embarrassing that it's not a minivan per se, but it comes damn close.)
Here's Clarkson on it.

Thanks for reading.
Any minivans you enjoy?
Or had one of the mentioned ones?