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As an old Oppo hand I feel obliged to report, even though I’ve been inactive here for a long time, that I’ve bought a new (to me anyway) car today!


6 speed. Manual. Diesel. Wagon.

Get your sh*t sorted America, because this is just bliss! You’re missing out on something wonderful.


Specs: 2014-2017 model Peugeot 308 SW (meaning Station Wagon I guess) with the BlueHDI 150 2 liter turbodiesel unit pushing out a healthy 150 hp and 370 Nm (273 of twist. Did I mention it is a row-your-own with 6 forward ratios? I think I did.

Coming from a Citroën C4 econobox with just 92 horses and 230 Nm, this is quite some poke that the new car has...

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