I know which one I’d make if I had 1.2 million in the bank.

Note, no M4s are included in this post


Used M6 Coupe with black exterior on red interiors:


Sure, it needs a bit of love, those scuffed rims hurt me eyes’ but it is quite promising. I am a bit surprised it has so many km for an expensive coupe in Mexico, 6000km a year shows this was a weekend warrior, slated for highway duties and maybe some showing off in the gated community! It doesn’t look like a Mexico City car, only an insane person would use that car that much in this city, I can see the case in Puebla or Guadalajara though... but then again I could be wrong.

New BMW M2 coupe in any of the four (four!) available exterior colors.


It speaks for itself, doesn’t it? smaller engine, manual choice, but newer. Newer is also important, as it has 7 years of unrestricted daily use in the Mexican valley, where that M6 only has 3 years left, but you could always move somewhere less civilized like Monterrey *Scoffs* if Hoy No Circula bothers you.