I Bought Another One; P71 II, Electric Boogaloo

As I posted recently, my 2007 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was totalled ($6000 in damage, still sorta drives though, and I retained the title) by a woman who thought that red lights during rush hour were merely a suggestion. So I got another one.

Same model year, slightly better trim package, (this one has electric seats and a couple of other little options) same color, much lower mileage and much better maintenance/condition. I managed to move a lot of trim pieces over from the old one, including the grill, which was somehow thrown clear of the accident and only got a bit scraped up at the bottom, and I Ship of Theseus'd it back together. The Shitbarge lives!


Now all I need is $10,000 so I can put an SVT Cobra engine in it.

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