As part of my preparation for 2020...

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.... I have elected to renew the registration for my car, and intend on keeping it for at least another year. It’s paid for, it’s reliable, it’s enjoyable, it’s a known asset. Selling to save a few pennies on gas in a less-enjoyable car doesn’t pan out when you do the math. In the same breath for obvious reasons, a Land Cruiser is *definitely* not in the cards for the near future.


Career-wise, I anticipate it will not be a lucrative year for me, regardless of the severity of the potential ruh-ruh-ruhhhhhh— “economic flattening.” My decision to not buy a car this year also turned out to be a good one.

I anticipate actual bigly big decisions before the end of the year that are Beyond Oppo, but the fleet remaining unchanged is just one less thing to worry about.

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