As promised... someone, probably. A little footage of the strangest boat you’ll see today

Bonus - The strangest boat you’ll see today hitched to something you might also find strange.


The boat is an 1986 Amstar Lazer, bought in 1985 by my dad, and built custom for us about 2 hours away (it had a closed bow originally - I still have the invoice). It comes with a 1986 Mercury Mariner (Japanese built Yamaha) 55 hp 2 cylinder 2-stroke outboard. Its a little light on the low end but that’s probably a function of the 6000 foot lake elevation. Even with a 13p prop i do about 35 mph red-lined. It sat in storage for about a decade until I brought it back to life and bought it from the family for $1.38, then put about $500 into it.

I thought I would have to do some serious work to get it fired after sitting a year and a half outside in a place 30 minutes drive from the 2nd coldest recorded temperature in the US but I put some fresh gas in it and it fired right up. I even left the battery in and hooked up and it was still charged (I still did a desulfate cycle on it though)

The only real bummer is that the trim/tilt went out on it in the 90's which makes it kind of a pain in shallow waters or trimming for different tasks.


The 6x6 is a 1999 Polaris Big Boss 500 6x6, it weighs 1550 lbs, and tows this boat around like it was nothing. In 4x4 mode (back 4 wheels) it kinda sucks in the sand, in 6x6 mode its unstoppable (so far). The only things it really isn’t any good at is turning, stopping and getting wet. Other than that it was a pretty decent 2nd hand buy and its been an indispensable workhorse that’s freed up the cruiser from heavy labor around the lake.

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