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Pictures of me (6'5") in small cars that I like or just wanted to get in. Unfortunately there were no Minis, what the heck? These were taken with an iPotato 6 by my best friend at the Dayton Auto Show/Dealerama. Only a few were taken because people kept getting in the way, here are the decent ones. Please excuse the dopey looks on my face, she liked taking my picture when I was talking or not paying attention. I also tried adjusting the seats to the most comfortable position for me, I have concluded that my torso is just very long/tall. Therefore I am far from comfortable in most small cars.

Porsche Macan Turbo (Edit: I'm blind and illiterate.)

VW Beetle, not completely uncomfortable but not great.


VW GTI. I was quite sad I didn't fit and was laughing at how crammed in I was. (edit: thought this was the Mazda 3 due to knowing both have recently been CoTY from Motortrend and both that I sat in were grey)

Honda Fit. I really like these little hatches, not a terrible squeeze in but not something I could live with everyday. Excuse the derp.


Not pictured, that I didn't fit in well: VW GTI, Scion tC, Ford Fusion, Ford Fiesta ST, Ford Focus (maybe ST), Ford Taurus, Honda Civic, a few others.

Not pictured, what I fit comfortably in: Chevy Colorado, Subaru Forester, Subaru WRX, Subaru Outback, Honda Accord, Honda Crosstour, you can guess the rest.

tl/dr: Big guy in small cars.