I’m really frustrated with the 230 in the truck right now. It is original to the truck, and in theory I like inlines, but this one is driving me nuts. It uses gas on a level usually reserved for high-power big blocks, and gives me nothing but smelly exhaust in response. I pretty sure I’m getting single-digit MPGs, while it dumps so much gas into the motor that it is washing past the rings and thinning the oil AND pouring out the tailpipe and causing smokey exhaust and backfiring on the overrun.

It has a pertronix unit in the distributor, which at least helps it run better, but I have not been able to get it to stop just dumping so much fuel through the carb. While there is an idle mix screw, I can’t seem to figure out how to change how much fuel it dumps in when the throttle is applied.

I’m getting so annoyed at this I’m pondering a 5.3L LS swap just to be rid of these issues. More HP and better gas mileage and FI reliability, all for $1000 if I can find a cheap used motor.