My wife and I are hippies about food. One of our few indulgences is tortilla chips, as long as they’ve got suitably hippie-friendly labeling. Yes I know nutritionally they’re still the same as regular old Tostitos, but whatever. Let me have my chips dammit!

A couple months ago, I tried these Que Pasa hippie-friendly chips. In order to earn their low sodium label, they’re only very lightly salted, but I think they’re just damn good chips. As you can see, for the same 140 calorie serving, the Que Pasa chips have only 50 mg of sodium vs 115 mg in Tostitos.

Both brands provide 2% of your recommended daily intake of iron. Good to know.

My wife though, she said that they weren’t salty enough, and asked me to find some other hippie-friendly chips that were saltier. There are a couple other brands of hippie-friendly chips I found among the extensive selection in the hippie-friendly chip aisle at Woodman’s, which I’ve been rotating between.

(You really should look at the Woodman’s youtube channel, it’s pure quasi-unintentional comedy gold.)


My favorite chip brand as of late has been Blue Farm chips which are not only hippie-friendly but also produced locally, right in Janesville, WI.

But today, my wife texted me,

“Can you buy unsalted chips from now on? These are too hard to resist.”

Immediately I thought of the delicious low-salt Que Pasa chips which my wife had previously ixnayed due to their low salt content. Many times while shopping in the hippie-friendly chip aisle at Woodman’s, I’ve looked longingly at the Que Pasa chip shelf, thinking maybe I’ll get them again, but haven’t bought them, because my wife thought they weren’t salty enough.


I reminded her of the existence of the delicious Que Pasa chips that I loved but she said weren’t salty enough, which was a little fun to needle her about, but really I’m just excited because now I can get them again.

I’ll still rotate in the Blue Farm ones from time to time, because they’re good too, and blue corn chips are pretty when you eat them with guacamole, and oh boy do I make some excellent guacamole.