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As the year ends and winter sets in here in North America, enjoy a blast through the autumn colors!

As I sit here watching the snowfall and freezing rain, I got around to editing a short video I’d recorded on my dashcam back at the end of October.

It’s a sort blast in Humdrum along Oakland Road, which is a coast road next to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada (the Bay AND the town, proper). It’s about 10 minutes of nipping along the coast, then into, through and out of town.

Nothing amazing, I wasn’t pushing very hard at all...just an enjoyable peppy drive into town! Ignore the shitty sound quality...I have a crappy dashcam mount that transfers all the vibrations from even small bumps into the camera, which has a terrible mic that pics everything up. :)

FYI, 3:55 in the video is where I hit ice a few years ago, did a 180 and backed into the guardrail doing $1500 in damage to my car going 50kph...



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