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The Alfa Giulia

As you may have read I bought a new car a while back. I may have said something along the lines of posting updates here. So here is a little update.

The car passed inspection (APK it’s called around these parts) and is road legal for another 2 years! It needed a little attention, a few rubbers in the suspension bits, a few new brakelines. Also had an oil change and the timing chain was tensioned. This afternoon I fitted open air filters for a little more of that lovely intake noise the Alfa Nord engines are famous for. Since the car is fitted with an electrionic fuel pump that was hung from the original air filter box with tie-wraps I had to find another solution for that. I had a bracket for an ignition coil laying around, found a little mount that was in just the right place so the fuel pump found a nice new home as well.

I just need to buy an oil catch tank for the crankcase ventilation. Right now I just put a little piece of cloth on the hose, not to prevent oil vapor spraying all over the place but to prevent dirt or other bits from going in...




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