As a BMW owner, I appreciate the jokes about how all of the used cars come with turn signal stalks in factory condition, as I see it when I drive. You’re not wrong. Mustang owners and Cars & Coffee burnouts ending up eating people? We’ve seen hours on YouTube and every Saturday someone is uploading a fresh one or three.

Rumor has it that 2 out of 5 of Dodge Vipers didn’t survive their drive home from the dealerships. 500 ft lbs of torque available instantly without any electronic aids to reel it in? I can see how that might tempt you to goose it a little “just to see” and be very unprepared for the results.

So this weekend a trailer shows up and from said trailer emerges not a Viper, but the real deal: Viper ACR. I quietly said a prayer that he’s not in my run group as regular Vipers and Z06's and GT3's keep me busy enough looking my mirrors.


I didn’t talk to the guy but a couple of the other drivers did and related to me after the fact that they were going to give him plenty of space as they kind of felt the guy was maybe a bit over confident (my guess) and decided he might be a bit dangerous on the track. The only small fact that I know is that the reminded him it was 32 degrees out and the track was cold and take it very, very gentle and he kind of dismissed the advice. Can’t fault him really as I don’t need anybody pointing out the obvious to me either, but I’d be polite about it.

He wasn’t in my run group. Randomly I happened to be looking right at him when he went into the wall. It’s a quick right left right on the track with a pronounced bump in the middle so if you get on the gas too early, Bad Shit happens. However, if you’re in a BRZ, you harmlessly kick out the tail and likely save it if you aren’t asleep at the wheel. Maybe you go off, harmlessly.

However if you’re got 500 ft lbs of torque available instantly without any electronic aids to reel it in, a very different sequence of events occur when you get caught by surprise.

Straight into the wall with all four tires locked up followed by a sickening crunchy thud as you can hear the aero shattering before the metal of the car goes into the tire wall.


To his credit, he didn’t need a tow. He managed to get out of the dirt and finish his first and only lap of the day dragging and pushing crushed car parts down the track and back into his trailer.