Ask Dr. Oppo: Selling A US Car To A Canadian

OK, now that I’ve offended everyone who can answer this for me... I’m sorry. No, wait, that’s another stereotype - ARGH!

My fiancee recently got her divorce settlement (FINALLY) and is buying a new car. We want to give her current car to a friend who got screwed by insurance when it was totaled earlier this year and can’t afford to replace it. It’s a 2002 Ford Focus LX sedan, 183k miles, zero options except the automatic transmission (and AC with a huge friggin hole in it), and worth practically nothing anyway. The car is my fiancee’s outright, with no lien, and title in hand.


What do we, in Massachusetts, and our friend in Ontario need to do to ensure that we can transfer ownership to her, and she can drive it home across the border hassle free? This is Oppo, so I presume some of you have actually done this before, and might be able to save me a little work. Thanks!


OK, so is where it’s at for importing. Thanks! Now I’m wondering how stringent, or not, Ontario is when it comes to inspection/SSC. Before we got the Focus, its badly rusted rocker panels were cut out and replaced. It’s a decent repair, with real metal and real welds, but those welds are quite visible and it’s obvious that the rockers are not original. Will this be a problem? It’s currently inspected and legal in MA, but I have no idea if it’s acceptable in ON, and I’d hate to send the car 900km away only to have it fail and either need expensive repairs or not be acceptable at all, leaving our friend stuck with a car she can’t use after paying all the import fees.

This is me, being paranoid.

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