I’ll be going on another roadtrip*.

*: I consider it a road trip because everything I need/do is pretty much inside Mexico City.

Now, it might seem like little, but that small stretch of highway is part of the more important Highway of the Sun that links Acapulco with Mexico City and Oaxaca City with Mexico City; its the corridor that connects all of the Southwest coast of the pacific. Together with the 150D,134D, and the 57D (in its two beinging points) they form the most important highways in and out of the city for commerce and tourism.

it is also the Federal Highway 95D, meaning it was the sight of a huge eight metre wide sinkhole that claimed the political careers of many assholes and idiots, but more drastically and far sadder....the lives of two people last summer:


So, if you’re planning a road trip to this tierra caliente of mine, you’re in luck because you’ll be hearing from someone who has driven only two of those four highways meaning I’ll be learning along with you.