As many of you all know, my car was totaled out from hail damage. However, after buying it back, I’m not sure where to go from here. I was told it was going to be a total loss 3 weeks ago, but I was able to renew the registration last week. I’ve talked to a few people, who said on a car bought back from insurance that legally you’re expected to tell the state it’s salvaged, but there’s nothing forcing you to do so. So my question is, can I just keep going how it is and sell it with a clean title? I would obviously let the buyer know the situation but it would save me a lot of time and trouble if I could do that.

Hypothetically, of course.

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Also, if you’re an Illinois Oppo or have experience rebuilding a car that has hail damage or is over 9 years old in Illinois, please leave a comment!

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