The post about summer jobs got me thinking about my prior summer jobs, which were in construction. It also led one to think about power tools.

What is your favorite power tool?

For me, it's the air compressor powered nail gun. Never has such air power saved a man from so many blisters.

People will sometimes tell me "they prefer to nail nails by hand".

And I understand to a degree. Nailing things together is mildly fun and rewarding for a short period of time. I am not going to use a nail gun for something requiring the odd nail here or there. I do enjoy hammering. But generally people who tell me this don't pound many nails.


When I used to do construction, we had to sheet the sides of an entire 2 story condominium building with plywood and according to code put a nail every two inches along every stud...for the entire building. Luckily we had a nail gun and so whist one guy cut the pieces, one other guy would go about putting all the nails once the piece was attached to the wall (attaching it took two people usually).

With the nail gun I could get through 2000-3000 nails per day. Then one day it broke, and we had to nail by hand. My nail count was down to around 500 nails, and I got a blister that extended from the tip of my pointer finger to the base of it. The whole inner side of the finger was a giant blister.

I had never wished for a nail gun more in my life. When we finally got a new gun, I certainly had a new appreciation for just how awesome they are. They are my favorite power tool.


What is yours?