Hello, Oppo. Just wondering if anyone has real world experience with a few of the used SUV’s we are considering. And first let me start, I’m not asking so I can read your 4 paragraph rant about how none of these have the interior build quality of your 1996 M3 because I don’t care.

Also, before I start. We currently own a Ford Focus. We live in northern Indiana and most winters it gets pretty rough to drive around. We have snows on the Focus (I call it the Snocus) but we easily to drive it anywhere as soon as there we get a couple of inches of snow built up. The worst is all of the frozen snow that hits the lower parts of the bumper (terrible sounds). So we are looking for more ground clearance, more space, and 4x4. Last but not least this will the main family vehicle for some years to come.

Enter Jeep. We both have always wanted a Jeep. Now we are considering two different Jeeps.

Looks like a great little truck.

Jeep Patriot:

Pros: Pretty good reliability for a Jeep. Right size. 4x4. Good ground clearance. Good gas mileage.


Cons: Some of the older ones are not as nice as the newer versions with updated interiors and that black trim on the outside (my favorite version). From what I read the CVT is the dumps, but I have not had the chance to drive one.

Yes please.


Jeep Liberty:

Pros: More ground clearance. 4x4. More space. v6. Good looks.

Cons: Not sure how reliable they are. (I’ve seen some for sale with high mileage) Some reports of poor build quality with sun roofs and the SkySlider.


Let me know what you think!