From time immemorial (Meaning the early 90's) we have within our power to reprogram vehicles ECUs to give us better performance, remove limiters, add HP and torque that go beyond OEM specs, etc...

But I have never understood why we cannot do something similar with Auto Transmissions? E.g. imagine fixing the above, the horrid Chrysler 200 9-speed automatic, that everyone agrees can’t pick gears for shit, into something better?


Do Transmissions not use a combination of hardware/firmware/software that could perhaps be modified to work better? Millions of Nissan CVT’s need help too. And even some GM and Hyundai transmissions also need better adjustments - sometimes one tranny works well in one model but not in another. Educate me oppo, what’s the deal with non-adjustable-transmission software? Why can’t we hack something there?