I hear asking people random questions on the Internet is a thing now. Go on. Ask me anything.

Facts about Stef!

  • I write some stuff for a place sometimes.
  • I live in Austin and/or on a track couch down by the river.
  • I collect Fisher-Price Puffalumps and 944 spares.
  • I once beat Hardibro in a rental car deathmatch.
  • I wish I could get away with wearing that helmet everywhere because it’s so much more awesome to look at than my face.
  • The Lancer RULES!
  • My LeMons 944 is more awesome than I am.
  • I asked Dusty if I could do this yesterday, but then I didn’t because I got busy he keeps calling my Rally Chicken a duck.
  • I need a 911.
  • “Beavis and Butt-Head” is my favorite TV show of all time. (TV? TP!)
  • ...
  • Poop.

Ask stuff.

Photo credit: Thomas Endesfelder

(Alternately, suggest stuff I need to do or that you’d like to see. Or make fart jokes. Whatever.)