Asking for Advice: Hardware Organization.

Greetings Oppo! I’m looking to organize my various containers, bags, tins, etc of hardware. I’ve got a few wants and needs, so I’d like to ask for opinions.

This is mainly to keep track of my household, metric, and SAE hardware. I’m spending a ton of time digging through things, buying duplicates because I can’t remember if I’ve got it or not, etc.


  • Must be expandable. Whether this means a scaleable system or buying another unit. This also means a product that will hopefully still be around in 5-10 years.


  • Something metal? I just feel like it holds up better over time.


  • It’s for personal use, so somewhat limited, but flexible for the right solution. I’d like to keep it under $200.

Some Considerations

Rad old-school rotary bins | $?


Looks super cool, not exactly scale-able, likely no longer in production, but would be cool for a ceiling mount.

Olympia 96-compartment kit | $140


Nice metal boxes, but fixed plastic inserts that cannot be adjusted. Already comes with hardware, so that doesn’t really solve my need to create more space, unless I recycle the stuff I won’t be using but this seems really wasteful.

Akro Mills Plastic Drawers | $28


These are quite affordable, but the polystyrene doesn’t age well. They don’t lock together well, aren’t exactly portable, and if you knock one over, well, that sucks.

Uline Plastic Bin Racks | $50-100


These are amazingly adjustable, re-configurable, and bins are pretty standardized with many different sizes available, including dividers and clear plastic lids. Cons are that Uline shipping is amazingly expensive, sometimes more than the cost of the product. At least they give you some freebies with your massive purchases.

Durham MFG Compartment Boxes | $36-200


This is my favorite option at this point. Each compartment box can be bought separately for around $36, come in various sizes and compartment divisions, and storage racks with ball bearing slides can be purchased in various sizes for under $100. Durham has a complete selection on their website but they must be purchased from a vendor. At least Zoro has free shipping on orders over $50.

So what say ye? Am I overlooking or overthinking this? What else should I consider?


Thanks oppo!

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