Asking Oppo for help.

Good morning Oppo! I’ve got an awesome mission coming up and am seeking your help.

I’ve been wanting for years to take part in an international mission trip, and as soon as I learned about Missions of Hope International and the work they are performing in the slums of Nairobi I knew I needed to go.


My church has adopted a “neighborhood” called Korogocho Grogon in the Mathare Valley slum of Nairobi, Kenya. The Mathare Valley is one of the largest slums in the world with over 800,000 people within 2 square miles.

Missions of Hope International is an organization focused on the education of the children living in the slums of Nairobi. It started less than two decades ago with one preschool and 50 children, and now enrolls over 16,000 students across 15 locations, working to provide these children with opportunities they never could have imagined to one day leave the slums.

During our trips we will work alongside a school, church and community center we have helped establish. We spend time with children, work alongside social workers in the community, and encourage missionaries and native Kenyans by building relationships.


We will travel with our partner Christ’s Church of the Valley to Missions of Hope in Nairobi, Kenya to participate in a VBS/sports program for elementary kids. One of our objectives of this trip will be build a complete recreational sports outreach program to be used by other MOHI partner Churches during future visits. In addition to the development of recreational programs, we will be using this opportunity to assess the building/construction/repair needs of the schools and to plan future missions with the objective of structural repairs.

My prsonal objective is not to talk about my faith here on Oppo, I don’t want to Bible thump these pages. My objective is simply to use my skillset and my time to do anything in my power to better the lives of children who live in the depths of poverty.


Now I have a specific ask of this awesome community. I have a fundraising goal of $3,500 to fund this mission trip. This is not for personal profit, and every single penny donated will go in it’s entirely to the mission. I’m not asking for much, every single dollar is a blessing, $5 dollars is amazing, $10 is incredible. Anything over that and you’re just showing off...

Donations can be made through my profile page established with Managed Missions at:


I am wholeheartedly grateful for every single penny that is donated, and look forward to sharing my experience with everyone here following the trip.




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