What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

The majority of my life has been shitty cars picked up for small amounts of money. That changed a ways back when I picked up my 2015 WRX. Now that boyo has arrived and the better 3/4s is doing the at home thing, I need out of the payments. I’ve already picked up the replacement, an ‘04 Turbo Fozzy, and now it is time to divest myself of Hiro.

Craigslist is my standard go-to for buying and selling cars, but the Forester is by far the most expensive thing I’ve picked up from there, and I’m asking a shitload more for the Rex than that. I’d like to improve my sale chances by broadening my horizons and posting to multiple places.


So Oppositelock, where do you post your fancier cars? Where do you shop for your fancier cars? How to you shine out in the dreary world of winter beaters and half-baked project cars? This probably applies more to US Oppos than otherwise, but it is still good conversation to get outside opinions.

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