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50 Years of Mustang and Stop Comparing the i8 to the Model S

Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from last Wednesday and Thursday. It includes pioneering electric cars, Eleanor, taking away Lauda's corner and the ZL1 Camaro.

Dear Everyone, Stop Comparing the BMW i8 to the Tesla Model S - Battery Tender Unnecessary

I doubt anyone has ever asked an R8 owner, "Why didn't you buy a M5? It has a bigger trunk." But I get the impression a lot of people will ask i8 owners, "Why didn't you buy a Tesla Model S? It has a bigger all-electric range" which not only misses the point of both cars but ignores how objectively different they are. Read more…

50 Years of Mustang, and Eleanor is still my favorite - valkyrfilms

When you are offered the chance to shoot an original 1967 Shelby GT500 from the film Gone In 60 Seconds, signed by Nicolas Cage; otherwise known as Eleanor, you don't turn it down. Read more…


You take my corner? I'm taking the two biggest trophies - FreddsterExprs


I admit that I haven't published a lot of positive stuff about Red Bull Racing. But there is one thing I am really thankful for: the revival of the Austrian GP. It's a seriously good track in a beautiful scenery. It isn't dead flat like a parking lot and - most importantly - it didn't look artificial like so many Tilkedroms. Read more…

ZL1 - not a Corvette, but a... - Torque Affair

Camaro - yes, that's right. A Camaro. I really like the ZL1s. I think the main reason is because you just don't see that many of them around. It has a 580 hp engine...which is tons of power even if the ZL1 is a little on the heavy side. Read more…


Porsche Macan Turbo Review - Stick with the S! - carwitter


In recent years the premium small SUV market has exploded and Audi, VW, and BMW have all jumped on the bandwagon. Porsche have spied this lucrative segment and launched the Macan. Read more…

Why Red Bull's claim to have the best chassis is utter Bullshit - FreddsterExprs

Unfamiliar problems for the reigning world champions: they are not the team dominating. Even win-or-northing boss Dietrich Mateschitz had to admit that the title is probably not going to his team this year. Mercedes is just too dominant and not likely to fall behind significantly. So is Red Bull taking it like a good sports man? Admitting that others are better this year, that they prepared well and managed to maximize the package? Of course not. Read more…


Fantasy WRC Round 5: Argentina Review - Dusty Ventures


Argentina was brutal. How brutal? Brutal enough to make rugby players shart themselves out of fear. Brutal enough to make Vikings look like cuddly crazy cat people. Brutal enough to have the roads put on trial for war crimes. Brutal enough that only one Fantasy WRC player had the race winner on his roster, and that player still didn't win the week. Read more…

TYJ Global Just Latest Example of "Super Replicas of Flight Training" - NotInDetroit


Ah, Super Replicas. You have provided many an opportunity to be a well-deserved punching bag for making ridiculous made-up claims that exist only in your head, yet at the same time with at least some apparent skill in pulling the wool over people's eyes. Of course this type of scam isn't new or limited to the world of kit replicas. Back when "the bubble" burst and news headlines were flooded with the latest rounds of arrests made at Wall Street financial firms, a bunch of people figuring they were far more clever than they actually were thought it'd be a neat idea to scam tens of thousands of dollars out of people through what appeared to be a transparent and legitimate path towards helicopter flight training. Read more…

Well I'll be, a '37 Dodge Coupe + Ford Ranger Interior/Drivetrain - Garrett Davis


Boredom and Craigslist go together like $50 and $50 worth of cocaine. When you have one, the other is always there to take it away from you, and maybe show you a moderately good time in the process. So while I wait for the work day to come to a close, I occasionally stray over to the white and purple side of the internet and find things I can't/shouldn't afford to oggle at. This time it was Baja Bugs and then Broncos, which lead me to this beauty. Somehow. Read more…


6 Driving sims that flew under the radar - feather-throttle-not-hair

Recent talk of Project Cars got me thinking about how different the video game industry is now compared to how it used to be. Despite only being in it's alpha stages, I'm already ready to throw my money at the game, just because true honest to god racing sims are so few and far between these days. But it didn't used to be that way. After the massive success of the Gran Turismo franchise, racing sims seemed like a guaranteed way sell some games. Everybody had to take their shot at making a "Gran Turismo" like game. A few of those games turned out to be good. Read more…


Audi Clubsport Quattro Concept - New RS3 in the works? - carwitter


Here it is! The new Audi RS3! Apologies, but I couldn't resist. The reality is that the upcoming Audi RS3 which is probably still a good 12 months off won't share as much with this sinewy A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept as we might hope. Read more…

The Upcoming Driverless Car Problem - BenjaminLeBlanc

Humans are known to make mistakes. It is in human nature. So, when an opportunity comes where humans can become spectators of an automated action instead of being the performers, it is human nature to pursue the possible remedy. One of the most dangerous times when a human can make a mistake is while driving a car, but now, inventors are trying to fix that. Read more…


Tire Industry Group Resists Push for Expiration Dates - Automatch Tom


In the wake of a Louisiana SUV crash that could have stemmed from the failure of a 10 year old tire, lawmakers are pushing for expiration dates. The driver of the vehicle lost control after one of the tires exploded causing the truck to crash into a school bus. No one on the bus was injured but 4 out of the 5 passengers of the SUV were killed. Read more…

The Best of the Rest


B. Body Burnout shared more photos from the NYIAS. WhatDaFunk drove a Cayman S on a race track. Joshua Gilbert brought his $200 W220 back to life. Team5.0 sold his first car to Carmax. MR2_FTW continued his engine rebuild. Shooltzie got a Benz. JQJ213 went to the the ICC Car Show. Garrett Davis spotted an e24 M6. Brodieman got some hands-on time with the new Canyon. Reborn Pyrrhic got into a little fender bender after driving on the Autobahn. Brian Silvestro got a Fiesta ST. VincentvanCabrioW's Cabrio had some issues. Sn210 attended a cruise night. Michael bleggi sampled some cool cars.

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