This morning I returned the not-going-to-fit-at-all hydraulic clutch kit to Summit and picked up a different one, which doesn’t pretend to be bolt-on and has name brand components. I then proceeded to not do anything related to it, and started putting the suspension back together (I did the steering box/shaft yesterday after finding the clutch thing wasn’t going to work).

Having done this before, it was unremarkable. That said, without the engine and front clip on, the car would lift off the jackstands long before I could compress the spring far enough to get the upper balljoint in place. 120lbs of sand and 160lb of salt came to the rescue and played ballast so I could get everything together.

Fortunately, I bought more salt for the water softener yesterday.

With the same technique on the other side, things went together fairly smoothly.

The brake master cylinder is temporarily bolted in place, and the lines were rubbing the steering shaft - thus the rag.

Next up, the steering linkage needs put back together and installed, as well as the swaybar. At that point focus will go to the clutch master cylinder install, as completing that will let me put the brake booster back on (which would be hugely in the way otherwise), and thus secure the brake master, affix the lines to the frame, install the calipers, attach crappy wheels, and put the car back on the ground.

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