Slight rant/story.

I'll call him Mr.beigewhores (you'll see later), and he is a fellow student at my college. It all started in the parking lot, when I was stirring my tranny oil and getting ready to head out, I see Mr. beigewhores, driving a completely stock newer Corolla XS, or whatever the go "fast" version is, pull out of a spot a couple cars down, and I didn't think much of it.

Only weird thing was that he did a lap of the parking lot before exiting, and speeding at that, probably doing 25-30km/h, which is FAST in a small parking lot. This is where it gets stupid. I pull up behind him going through the exit when I see a "four doors for more whores" plate frame, and instinctively said to myself "most boring whores on the planet maybe" and proceeded to pat myself on the back for being so clever.

I saw him go down the main road, and I thought that was the last of him, but I was wrong.. After taking my shortcuts to beat lights (I have the traffic light pattern memorized in my head), I end up at a stoplight, and guess who decides to show up in my rearview.


If you guessed Barney the dinosaur, you were close. Mr. Beigewhores of course! This is where I saw that he had his front plate in the front window despite having both a stock bumper and a plate holder in the bumper. We leave the light and he starts riding ass because he's trapped by a bus on one side on a two lane, so there's only one thing I can do, drive slow. After there's finally a space, he takes off going down the road at highway speeds, and doing the usual weave. He didn't get out of my sight all the way to the highway since he hit every light, (about 4-5).

What I don't get is why pe0ple feel the need to constantly try and get 1-2 cars ahead, but get to their destination no faster. And people my age (18-25), seem to be fucking stupid while driving, like buddy, I'm sure your bieber lookalike friends can wait 2 minutes more for you so they don't smoke all the weed. And don't ride my ass, unless you're going to pull me over so you can tell me about how many whores your car carries.