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In this weeks' Asshat or Not, we have the guy who lives a few units away. You see, while the parking at my complex is technically "assigned" it is not enforced: that is, while you can/should be able to park where you're supposed to it's generally first-come-first-served.

So what does my neighbor do? Park his '93 Celica convertible across not one, but BOTH of his spaces. And so is the dilemma. While he can (and most definitely could) park across both spaces, common courtesy seems to dictate that one really shouldn't do that. But does it?


Either way the joke's on him. The way it's parked leaves the sun basically shining directly onto his car - it's slowly being baked to a crispy death. Still, I've had to talk my housemates out of keying that guy's car (one of them doesn't even drive so has no dog in this fight). Even if he were to take up one space I sure as hell wouldn't want to park my GS-R next to him.

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