I work at a university. One might think people here are perhaps “above average” intelligence, this being an institution of higher education. Mind you, it’s also finals week, so students are in full no-f**ks given-parking-mode, which includes parking in faculty/staff lots at all times. Here’s what I found this morning:

I got a good chuckle out of this at the time. Little did I know, it would get worse.

Allow me to elaborate. There are some weird perpendicular spaces at the end of a row, but one person missed the space by a whole car length (they backed in too far?) It’s the silver saturn. Then THREE others followed this person for some reason and parked alongside. These are employees of this fine institution who park here every day. The layout of the lot is the same as it has been for years.

Google maps image of actual lot. Approximate location of offending cars in RED.

But wait! You say. There’s snow on the ground, obscuring the lines! Kind of, but no. You can see the lines clearly - look at the very first picture.

OK, it was an innocent mistake. It’s dark in the early hours, right? But then. People continued to park normally in the other spaces. Which created a blockade, trapping about 15 cars inside. Who parked last and finished the blockade? Who’s to say? All I know is, when I went to lunch, I walked by and campus police were out there trying to call the owners of the offending cars. Merry Christmas! Move your damn car.

Actually these two are “ok” believe it or not.
See? The irony here? The BMW is parked 100% legally. Why are these spaces like this, though? A topic for another time.
There’s no exit on this end bedsides hopping the curb which is now also a big snowbank.

My car was one of the ones trapped in there, but I didn’t need to go anywhere... thankfully.


And I didn’t even touch the tomfoolery that goes on with snowbanks making half-spaces at the end of every lot on campus! The Shenanigans! Everywhere!

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