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Asshat Parking That Went Viral!

I just happened to come across this little story, which I thought I had to share since we were discussing asshat parking anyway ( http://bit.ly/16AJeu1 ). So what do we have here, let's analyse this picture for a second. We have three parked cars, a white 208, a silver MK V Golf and a black Fiesta, all parked not exactly where they should be. And then there's the modern equivalent of pandora's box, a mugbook feed. So what happened?

Setting: Parking lot at the Siegen University in Germany.

Action: Actor A arrives in his Golf packed with fellow students. They are on the verge of running late so he goes for the first spot available. The others get out first, he squeezes it in, and exits through the rear hatch. They arrive in lecture hall xyz on time.


In the meantime, actress B arrives on scene, snaps a pic of the situation and posts it to the University's FresseBuch page, requesting "that the idiot with registration number something or other remove his vehicle immediately, as she is not going to risk scratching her precious by trying to get out of that spot." (Driver of the 208.)

This is where this thing called interweb (you know that place where you leave personal information for various governments, intelligence agencies, or the local ass-hat to mess around with) comes into play. Her post went viral, and over 1000 people from all over the globe commented. The common consensus was that she should give up driving, if she can't get it out of that spot without scratching it.

At this point, I feel obliged to mention that all three cars reek of "paid for by daddy" when seen at a University parking lot over here. A new-ish, small-ish, hatchback is what the upper middle-class gives it's offspring as a graduation present, so that they don't have to walk to university.


Back to the story! Actress B finally leaves the scene, but when actor A comes back to his car from his lecture it is decorated with "Thank you, you made our day!", or "You are our hero!" notes.


Things then went a little crazy, and they had a flashmob-style barbecue party in said parking lot.

Somebody even wrote a song and posted it on the Youtubes. (I'm not going to translate it, it's just a repetition of what just happened.)


The Peugeot driver has deleted the original post, and smarter people have pointed out that getting flamed on from all over the world might not be the best of experiences for a younger person.

Did I make this up? Nope! It's all here in German: http://www.spiegel.de/unispiegel/wun…

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