I can’t believe I went to this trouble to put this together..

...and he hasn’t been there.

I have this in my jacket pocket, ready to put on the snowmobile if I see it again.

Every time (here, and here) I have seen it parked there, it’s asshat quality.


I said in earlier posts that I have nothing against trikes. This is a parking issue with me that may cost one of us $15 if he can’t pull this off.

I would love to see him* and explain in my best “I’m glad I caught you. Some of the other guys are pretty upset with your parking. I think you can fit if you (points out imaginary lines and suggests how to line it up) voice.” However, we probably work different schedules and I may never run into the rider, so this passive-aggressive** flavored solution is what I have chosen to go with.


I also have two 8”x8” laminated ones to put on stakes if it continues.

I was hoping to find a page in the owner’s manual on how to park the thing in motorcycle spots. I thought printing the page, or refering the owner to the page might be helpful, but the 2013 and 2014 manual didn’t have it...

* assuming it’s male. I had to pick a pronoun.

** I’m thinking the smiley face and the lack of bad words makes this more of a “passive-suggestive” solution than “passive-aggressive”