Asshole in an Offroad Truck(updated)...

Typically after SEMA there are a lot of photo shoots in and around town. A lot of cool locations in the vicinity, and a lot of nice vehicles in a concentrated area. A friend of mine works for Roush, and he posted this gem this morning:

During a planned photo shoot with some media partners, we happened to witness this ridiculous act of bullshit and supreme assholeness from ReadyLIFT. The Lingenfelter Performance group was in the middle of their own photo shoot when in enters the ReadyLIFT truck. They come blasting into the Lake Bed, very close to Lingenfelter, and dusted the crap out of them and their clean cars - driving off into the the distance. Apparently 1 time wasn't enough, and 10 mins later they show back up, but this time, they pick a strategic location and start doing doughnuts. I'm not talking 1 or 2 - but a solid 3 mins worth of doughnuts, throwing rocks and debris everywhere, and creating a giant (and I mean giant) dust cloud that went directly at Lingenfelter and their cars. This obviously pissed Lingenfelter employees off, and when they confronted the ReadyLIFT truck, they claimed ignorance. and even threatened to beat up one of their employees, who was easily in his 70's. When they realized they were just wasting their breath, the Lingenfelter group turned around, and that is when this happened...

Sorry for the F'n F's comment, but we couldn't believe they did this - a complete and utter disrespectful and unacceptable way to represent any company, especially when unprovoked, and coming off of an awesome week at SEMA.

Anyone considering ReadyLIFT as a product for their vehicle should reconsider. I would never want to buy a product from someone who has employees who act like this.


ReadyLIFT sent a text to someone inquiring about the incident saying that they fired the driver(who knows if it's true). And that it wasn't a "SEMA" vehicle, but a R&D truck. Semantics.

What kind of jack ass does that shit?

UPDATE: From my friend(photographer/videographer) John O'Neill:

To be fair their "PR Agency" works in-house for them and does all the marketing, he has for years. He's a good dude and so is Scott, the owner. From what he told me today they were blindsided by all of this and are handling it internally as well as the damages that the now ex-employee may have caused.

In my opinion, ReadyLift is a solid company and a fairly small Mom n Pop organization. They aren't exactly well versed in idiots in company trucks doing stupid shit and it all going viral.

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