Went to the Starbucks near my college to get out of the house for a bit and study in a place that has faster internet than what my school offers around this time of day. Anyhow I get my drink and go to sit down and all the places by power outlets are taken except for one outlet surrounded by 4 chairs with two small coffee tables. The only guy sitting there has spread out all of his things among two other chairs and one of the coffee tables using the second coffee table as his footrest. As soon as I sat down in the unoccupied chair he plugs his phone in to the free outlet so now there isn't any available. So basically he is just sitting there with both his computer and phone plugged in he has'nt touched his computer since I've walked in so it really doesn't need to be plugged in, and I have no place to really put my stuff down except within about 2 square feet in front of my legs and my drink on the floor because there isn't a free table. Do people just not have manners anymore?

Zoid for your troubles.

Also Corgi