Continuing on in Aston Martin’s ever escalating Art of Living campaign — a collection of partnerships to create products and services set to move Aston Martin into a complete luxury brand (not just luxury car brand) — we have now hit 66-story residential waterfront towers. Finally! That’s 391 condos, seven of those being penthouses, and one of those being a “triplex” penthouse with my name on it but spelled extremely differently and attached to someone else.

Aston Martin’s own design team will be creating the interior and amenity spaces. That means in addition to the nearly 400 residences they will also be designing the double-level fitness center, spinning studio (that’s those stationary bike machine rooms everyone is into again), boxing gym, virtual golf room, and the two theaters. Oh, then there’s that children’s room which Im sure will end up being a mixture of a daycare and playground, the full-service Spa, the beauty salon, the barber shop, that infinity-pool somewhere around the 55th floor.

Sorry, I’m just skimming through this stuff and stumbled over the yacht marina part here. Where was I? Where am I? You know something is fancy when it gives people an existential crisis just imagining it. That’s the difference between premium living and luxury living, kin!

*Whistles poorly* (that’s all I could afford)

I want to point out that Aston Martin’s design team will also be designing the carbon fiber reception desks, signature door handles (manual, not automatic because portal engagement matters), leather placards and machined room numbers, floors, decore, lighting, and all of the little elements you don’t think about which are the most essential details to establishing a space as being by Aston Martin not that other luxury brand that’s building 66-story towers. I’m looking at you Buick...ya sneaky snakes! Just put the scale model down because Aston has finally won this round.


All of these unique cars, engines, submarines, and baby strollers that Aston Martin is partnering up to build are to demonstrate the breadth of the brand. You’ll see me write that term more and more as we talk about the future of the automotive industry.

Condo prices begin from $600,000 (that’s actually a steal) to over $50 Million (that’s actually sodomy). If this is your speed then head on over to the sales center on 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way in Miami, Florida and book today!


Note that this building is slated to finish in 2021 which is also when Aston Martin will have pretty much completed it’s revamped product lineup including the Valkyrie hypertrack car, their midengined sports car, two new Lagondas, DB11 refresh, DBX crossover, all-electric RapidE, the DB10-styled Vantage line, a far more aggressive Vanquish, and of course all the touches from their Q and AMR divisions.