The Golden Ratio in the DB9. Aston Martin.

Was reading Freddy’s post about buying Doug’s Aston and noticed this line (emphasis mine):

The company’s use of the golden ratio in its designs and engineering make for the most visually striking cars ever made...

I’d never heard of such a thing, so I Googled it. It’s legit.


Every inch of DB9's form is designed for elegance and balance. The simple beauty of nature guides the design of DB9, with the ‘golden ratio’ setting all proportions. The result is a profile where every line, dimension and proportion works in harmony. Combine this with the near perfect weight distribution, provided by a lower engine placement, and you have a DB9 balanced on sight and in experience.


The Golden Ratio in the Rapide. Aston Martin.

ETA: By ‘it’s legit’, I mean that Aston Martin actually markets their products this way, it’s not some weird thing cooked up by the Internet. Whether or not that’s actually how the design process goes is anyone’s guess, but to me these images look mostly like a bunch of stuff slapped on top of a product after the fact for marketing purposes.