I've been looking into buying a fast, RWD/AWD 2 door coupe, and I've only been looking at 996 Porsches and C7 Corvettes. Mainly because I've been enamored with the 996 and I absolutely love the C7, and also because both of them can be had with a manual transmission. I've always admired the AM9 design language, but I don't have 6 figures to spend on a car. Or so I thought.

The V8 Vantage might be the best of the bunch, it's light, easy to drive and has the ever important 6 speed manual. Now before you yell about how supercars are better with DSGs, stop. You're wrong. Supercars might be faster on the track with a DSG, but you're not a professional and neither am I. The true driving excitement you get in most cars is on the twistys going about 75mph, clutch in and clutch out. I promise you, it's the single most fun an average auto enthusiast can have in a car.

So back to the car, it's gorgeous and it's quick, and it's gorgeous. Did I mention it's gorgeous? Because it is. And here's the best part. Prices for a 2007-2009 V8 Vantage, essentially the same car being sold today new, are right about $50,000. I test drove an 08 V8 Vantage here in Chicago and even in the snow-slicked roads it was still so much fun. I have to have one.

That's really it, carry on.