I’ll be honest, when Aston Martin came out with the Vulcan, my initial reaction was “meh, it’s ugly,” and carried on drooling over the McLaren P1 GTR. Similarly, when the Vulcan was released in Forza Horizon 3, my initial thought, as I sat in a Humvee away from my Xbox was “Whyyyyyyyyyy?!” while ranting in my mind about the lack of Ferrari 599XX, like there was in the first one.

(Disclosure: I wanted to try out a car I disliked for no apparent reason so bad that I’ve been driving it pretty much exclusively all night)

That line of thought got me thinking about the similarities between the Vulcan and 599XX. Both are track cars. Both have naturally aspirated V12s in the front powering the rear wheels. And both have some pretty crazy aerodynamics. Ok, so there’s a point for the Vulcan.

I took delivery of the vehicle at the Yarra Valley Horizon Festival and quickly brought the car to the highway connecting the Outback to Surfer’s Paradise. The seven liter V12 shouted away as the rear tires, big fat Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s struggled to put down the 800 plus horsepower from the car, spinning all the way through first and most of second gear. The car made it up to 192 miles per hour before I had to stomp on the brakes. Oh man! Those brakes! Those Brembos brought the car to a stop faster than I could process counting the seconds.


Enough about the performance though. Let’s talk about what it’s like to drive on normal roads among normal people in their normal cars. And those other Horizon Festival participants but more on that later. To start, this car is not road legal, and is very much a race car. The transmission is rough at low speeds and the turning radius makes driving in the city a nightmare. Oh so does the fact that it’s loud and very hot. Sure glad it’s a video game for that reason.

Compared to most of the cars at the Horizon Festival the Vulcan sticks out in a crowd. The race car aerodynamics which allow it to perform so amazingly just scream “WITNESS ME” on the Australian roads. The speed bumps in the Horizon Festivals were an adventure for the car and I cringed the one time I brought the Vulcan on a gravel road as the splitter and diffuser took a beating.


File to: Things that will never happen

I had hoped for some play time around Bathurst, but no dice. Then I tried to get a shoot out with an FXX K, but the owner declined. So instead, I just cruised around Australia to the soundtrack of that glorious V12.


Overall, the Vulcan is awesome. Sure, it may have a face only a mother could love, but the rest of the car is breathtaking. Honestly though, there’s really only one word that describes the car: batshit. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.