After making it home safely (Tampa to Boston) it was time to start addressing some of the minor “issues” with the 10 year old exotic i have just purchased.

Summer and Winter toys

First: I drove 20 hours with no personal music. The 2007 didnt come with an Ipod connection or Bluetooth Audio. I thought i was going to be smart and i purchased one of those cigarette lighter fm transmitter things. Sitting in a parking lot in Tampa, i plug it in... Nothing. No power to the outlet. I look inside, and due to the design on this little cubby, there were coins in the bottom. Great. Must have shorted.


Easy for coins to fall right in

Not having tools or patience to sort it out then, i just got going.

Radio was fine for most of the civilized world, but in the rural areas of the country I got 1 station. Seriously, the radio seek went all the way around.


Now this wouldn’t be that bad if it was classic rock or in fact any type of music. Nope. Bible talk. And that gets old fast... Ended up at Target to pick up some random CD’s to fill the changer.

I get home and its time to find the fuse as a step 1 diagnostic. Where would the fuse be? The manual is extremely unhelpful and says “its in the cabin...” Great. Thanks to wonderful google i learn its under the passenger carpet. So i go and pull that up. And i see this.


Passenger footwell
Fuse box cover


Where is the fuse box? You probably guessed it. Under this panel. 7 Torx bolts later, comes the fun part. The Fuse box is totally incorrect from the manual. or i suppose the manual is incorrect from the car. could be either. But the fuse i was looking for was a 15a labeled cigarette lighter. After locating a totally intact fuse i just started going through each and every fuse in the box. The fuse i found that was blown was labeled 20a SPARE. seriously. The “Spare fuse” had blown. Low and behold, once i replaced this spare fuse my cigarette lighter had power again. YAY! Problem #1 Fixed. And the 700w system really does rock hard.

Yellow stitching gives it that little extra pop.


With music sorted, i also replaced the trunk struts and both door struts. All were original and had failed. Honestly fairly easy job. Trunk took 5 minutes. Doors took 20 minutes each. And thanks to (DIY Aston Site) I had the parts for cheap money in just a few days. Great customer service.

It did give me a chance to check out some of the cool things Aston did. Stuff people would probably never see. Like these markings on the brake caliper.


The wings are a nice touch.

With everything sorted, I had a run to see some friends on the uncharacteristically warm day we had and boy does the car pull and sounds amazing. (Pulled the exhaust fuse day 2 of ownership) So far i’m loving it!


Hanging with some friends.

Oh, but now my power-fold mirrors dont work when locking the car. Worked until yesterday though... ?