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Astounding C8 Corvette comparison

No, it’s not an actual comparison head to head on a track or anything exciting. But, just to illustrate how far technology has come, I wanted to illustrate some specs between two cars from different eras. One was literally a poster on my wall as a kid.

The 1990 Lamborghini Diablo vs. 2020 C8 Corvette.. or is it Stingray? Guess we’ll find out.


Curb Weight:

Diablo: 3,474 lbs
C8: 3,366


Diablo: 492 @ 7000 RPM
C8: 495 @ 6450 RPM “with performance exhaust”


Diablo: 428 ft-lbs @ 5200 RPM
C8: 470 ft-lbs @ 5150 RPM “with performance exhaust”


From there, that’s where similarities end.

The Diablo used a 5.7L DOHC V12 with 4 valves per cylinder and port fuel injection


The C8 uses a 6.2L OHV/pushrod V8, 2 valves per cylinder, but has direct injection allowing much higher compression.

Speaking of:

Diablo: 10:1 compression
C8: 11.5:1

Both are mid engine rear drive layouts, longitudinally mounted. Though Lamborghini’s traditional V12 setup since the Countach is still rather unconventional where the transmission is effectively between the two seats, thus making the car weirdly wide. And it only had 5 forward gears. And only offered with a manual transmission early in the Diablo’s production run. The Corvette as you’ve heard, uses an 8 speed dual clutch automatic.


Now, we don’t have much in the way of acceleration or top speed numbers on the C8. When the Diablo was new in 1990, it was “the fastest production car in the world.” Of course, that didn’t last long as the Jag XJ220 and very soon thereafter the McLaren F1 both blew the Diablo out of the water.

It is interesting to note, however, that from a standstill to 60, the Diablo was in the 4 second range. The C8 is being touted as sub-3 seconds to 60.


The real kicker? The Diablo was $250,000 when new, which in today’s money translates to almost double that (just shy of $490,000). Corvette base price starting at under $60,000. That’s insane. You’re getting Lamborghini Diablo performance from a Corvette for about 1/8th the price.

And the Corvette probably doesn’t feel like it might kill you every time you drive it. Though that’s part of the fun of Lamborghinis, I suppose.

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