At La Quinta, Pets Stay Free™

At the beginning of this week, my wife and I successfully moved from Madison, WI to Rockville, MD. We split the drive over a couple days and spent the night near Cleveland.

The original plan was to pick up the U-Haul on Saturday, have movers load it on Sunday, leave our old house by noon, stop at U-Haul again to put my wife’s car on the trailer and connect it to the truck, then hit the road.


Moving plans never go quite according to plan, so on Saturday thanks to no availability in Madison, a friend gave me a ride to Janesville, 45 minutes away, to pick up the truck, from a tire store that also does U-Haul stuff. Then I drove the truck to the actual Janesville U-Haul store, picked up the trailer, dropped it at the Madison U-Haul store, and parked the truck at my old house.

On Sunday, we woke up at 6:30, and our movers came at 8 to load the truck, but we seriously underestimated the amount of time it would take to load everything. It was 2:45 pm by the time we got on the road heading east with the trailer. We got to the La Quinta Cleveland Airport West in North Olmsted, OH around 12:30 am Sunday.

But in my sleep deprived state, I started pulling up towards the canopy in front of the hotel before realizing the clearance was too low for the truck. And I couldn’t figure out how to back it up right. And we had our cats in the cab with us. So we left it right there, checked in, got the cats in the room, and a security guard and front desk employee helped act as spotters to get the damn truck and trailer backed up and parked in the spot you see above. I got to sleep at 1:30 am.

On Monday, we woke up way before our alarm and couldn’t get back to sleep. It was maybe 5 am or something. La Quinta doesn’t charge a pet fee and there were many pet owners with their dogs barking. La Quinta also provides these big long plastic sticks with loops on the end to poke your cat out from under the bed. This was necessary, because...


The cat poking stick only worked to extract one of the 3 cats. We had to upend the bed to get the other two. But we did! We got on the road towards Maryland at about 8:45 am. We arrived at the U-Haul store in Rockville at 3:45 pm to get the car off the trailer and turn in the trailer, then drove over to our new house, where we met the realtor to get in, and movers to unload the truck.


We put the cats in the guest room and opened up the carriers. Oliver, the male Siamese, had his own carrier, and Sophia and Jade, the two black & whites, had been in a big carrier together. They didn’t leave their carrier at all, and Oliver crammed in there with them.


I *could* have returned the truck at that point, but I had arranged with someone in Rockville on Craigslist to buy a couch on Tuesday. The truck wasn’t due back until today, Wed 5/2, so I figured I’d keep the truck to move the couch. Except the truck is too big to leave parked on our street.


Thankfully, my parents’ driveway is long enough for the thing, and they live 3 miles away, and my car had been in their garage for the past couple weeks since I drove it out to Maryland and flew back to Madison to pack.

So yesterday evening, a friend of mine drove his car to my house, we drove my car to my parents’, got in the U-Haul, got the couch from the Craigslist guy, drove it to my house, unloaded it, then caravaned the U-Haul and my friend’s car to U-Haul, returned the truck, and then I bought my friend dinner and he gave me a ride to my parents where I then drove my car back to my house.


I’ve got basically a whole living room setup with TV, stereo, couch, etc, and our master bedroom is good to go. We’re slowly unpacking and shopping for all the random stuff you end up needing after a cross country move.

Oh, and it’s like 85 degrees here in Maryland. Good thing our AC is efficient.

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