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At least it died doing something cool

I managed to blow the engine in my ZHP this weekend at Summit Point. It was shockingly quiet for how massive the damage is.

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This is what was sitting in my belly pan when I took it off. That bolt in the lower right is supposed to be holding my connecting rod onto my engine.


It wasn’t a blown shift, and it wasn’t an over-rev, it was just it’s time to check out. All-in-all, it was about the best place I could have had a blown engine, the tow truck was there in under 5 minutes, I already had alternate transportation home from the track, and there were plenty of people showing concern for both me and the car. On top of that, if the engine had checked out a few seconds later I would have been trying to negotiate a 45 degree banked turn at 60+ mph with tires coated in engine oil, which likely would have resulted in me getting ejected out the top of the turn with a pretty good likelyhood of flipping the car.

I’ve already sourced a new used engine out of an ‘06 ZHP with only 79k miles on it for $2100 shipped, so my car will be back on the road fairly soon. Just sucks that it happened in my second run. I was really looking forward to driving the track in the rain on Sunday.

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