The prestigious Dash-Doorhandle chromebook shit the bed on the job, shortly after I posted the chevelle/workbech the other day, so I’m coming to you from the distant past. (dude, a windows 7 dell!) finally got mrs doorhandle’s flat fixed ( holds air but has a mountainous sidewall issue, not gonna do for that leadfoot) so i must source out an oddball sized kumho excsta. Also visiting the friendly wrecker to drop off a vibe seat I replaced with a “Cargo Package” seat, which flips forward into a desk. I’ll see if he has some cool 5x100 16 inch rims that are not pt cruiser or sebring. there’s nothing wrong with the tan sedan, but I’ve driven it everyday since the snow melted(it came back) it is possible to get tired of a classic car. Need two new summer tires to prevent my hardcore winters from shredding in the heat. The fit sport seems to attract the bumpers of other vehicles. ( some cars are cursed, this one is only at 90,000 km, has had questionable hail repair, and was a double wreck when i bought it from salvage It has been hit twice since I fixed it, including a bro truck backing over it (hood headlight, fender and a-post above the quarter glass, which survived thank god. It also ran over a nasty ice-lump, damaging the rocker cover and tweaking my back alley frame pulling/ rocker slicing, which is now rusting.

And what of my beloved Toyota? I was at the bodyshop, between dashboard appointments, the starter sounded funny once earlier in the day, then showed no reaction to the key. D’oh, that starter is only a year old. (was NOT the Problem! and I put it in in a raging blizzard, so it owes me) Fortunately, some big-ass truckers hang out there too, courtesy push start, on the road. Forgot about my starter issues and turned it off at the vet’s office. My Beloved black Labrador Daisy has the cancer, the bad cancer, and is long past her expiry date. Like the pickup, she keeps on trucking and has the power to repair herself. She’s been at death’s door a few times, we’ve woken up the kids to say goodbye to their dog because we didn’t think she’d see the morning. Then she’ll be back to running 5k with Mrs. in the morning. (I’d never run 5k, I have four cars). went out to the old Toyota, this morning, popped the hood, (mmm toyota, CORRODA, I mused to myself. Battery is stong, all wiring 31 years old. much corrosion. needs new battery cables and groundstraps at least, all green and yellow and crunchy, But in fear of my mighty wrenches (and hammers) It just decided to start and carry on business as usual. Good truck. I think I’ll bring the dog with me today. BTW: my old dog knows the difference between “get in the car” and “get in the truck” and she prefers bench seat vehicles (for road cuddles) as do I (leave your toolbelt on). This post isn’t about anything in particular, so if you bothered to read this far, ejoy some BIG STAR as a thanks.

Don’t get me started on how much I love Big Star.