Context: I was at my local Walmart, and as I was walking out to my car, I heard a loud bang. I thought the guy driving the forklift near the garden center had dropped what he was carrying. Then I look over and see smoke billowing out the front of a 1st gen Focus parked under the ass-end of a 12th gen F-150 on the main road next to the parking lot. I go over there to see if everyone is ok, but there is already a group of people tending to the elderly lady in the Focus and putting out the fire that started under the hood. HOLY SHIT she slammed into the back of that truck. The speed limit is 45 and there is heavy traffic on that stretch of road during peak times, especially Saturdays at noonish. Speaking with people who witnessed, they said she was still accelerating when she hit the truck, who i’m assuming was pretty much at a standstill. She hit so hard, the front left corner of her car was about pushed back to the firewall and shortened the bed of the truck a good 2 inches. From the little bit of conversation I heard between the lady and the people making sure she was ok, she had no idea what had happened.

There was also a woman who was saw what happened from the parking lot, who happened to be, estimated at late 50s, state that while she is getting toward that age, she felt that at a certain age you need to be retested for your license.