At the dealership...

... Camry XLE featured on the floor for some reason, was a 4Runner last time.


Seats feel to the touch, but are a little too firm. But definitely better than I was expecting. Heated seats and no sunroof. Overall grade: 0/10 I still don’t like sedans.

They had 3 manual XSEs last time I was here (including that blue), and they all sold within three weeks. Now they have two more on the lot, but both are CVTs... Lame.

Also the salesmanship here leaves a lot to be desired compared to the Lexus dealer... In the many times here I’ve sat in cars, or wandered the lot kicking the tire of whatever car, no one has ever approached me. Ever. If they read my blog on autotrader SLASH oversteer, they would know I like the Corolla XSE hatch!


Sooo bored....

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