At the end of the day; no car seems better than a compromise except...

I’ve been grappling with replacing my turbo beetle with something that preferably accomplishes two things; something more practical and preferably an automatic. But I also really don’t want to spend much money as any car I get will probably only be driven 1,000-5,000miles a year and mostly when my alley is too rutted out with ice and snow to drive my 996.

So after spending lots of time searching, looking, pondering; one-by-one cars have been eliminated. Golf Sportwagen 1.8T 4Motion are really only worth it if you buy new; a GTI stayed in the back of my mind; a BMW X1 with sport packs are practically non-existent and not all too affordable but I’ve heard the sport pack is neat if you can get it.


Well; there is one car that is affordable enough that I think it would be worth having even if I didn’t drive it a ton but the drawback is, it’s no more winter ready than my 996. That car is a 2011-2013 135i:

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It’s different from my 996 with its DCT; turbo engine and you know FR layout. The rear seat is decent enough for my daughter. And the prices are reasonable. And it’s still light, small, and fast.

But for now the plan is to sell the Beetle and have one car for me and my wife’s c-max. It’s honestly hard to imagine having only one car that’s mine but for now that’s the plan.

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